Happy Peanut Rice Bowls

Aug 17, 2013

happy peanut rice bowls

I still don't own a cheese grater or a handmixer but I did acquire a wok and mandoline slicer from Goodwill Outlet recently. So I was getting ready to make Gweneth Paltrow's Fried Kale Rice and my mandolin is just hanging out and a spare piece of ginger is on the counter. I'm awful at chopping ginger. I own a boning knife and a bread knife. Not really ginger compatible. But a mandoline, oh yes! Yes, yes, yes! Some ginger, a carrot, a broccoli stem later... Mandoline's are amazing!

My kids shoveled rice in their faces while I made promises to put some in their lunch thermoses.  I then made the mistake of leaving the dinner table for a moment only to hear the ensuing giggles  "I made Vincent swallow peanuts whole like pills and it really improved his attitude! Would you like to try one mom?"   Oh boys!

About the ingredients:

Rice: Brown or white rice will do.  I went with brown rice for it's wholesomeness.   My family was never a big fan the brown rice taste until I switched over to Jasmine Brown Rice (easy to find at Trader Joe's).  They now look forward to it as soon as the scent fills the air.  I also use a rice cooker and love not having to watch for boil overs.

Ginger:  Did you know you can just scrub ginger root and leave the skin on?  Our friends from China sometimes would, sometimes wouldn't.  And their food was always phenomenal either way.

Kale:  I only had pre-chopped kale on hand.  This dish is much easier if have whole kale so you can control the chopping.  I chop it small for the kids, but it tastes just as great with larger pieces.

Garnish:  We do peanuts and Sriracha sauce.  Another option might be sesame seeds.  My friend swears by sesame oil. Her recipe.


2 TB coconut or canola oil
2 inch piece of ginger, julienne cut
1 large carrot, julienne cut
2 inch stalk of peeled broccoli (without the floret) julienne cut.  Or just add another carrot.
2 green onions, white and green parts sliced thin
2 garlic cloves chopped
4 cups thinly sliced fresh kale
1 TB soy sauce
2 tsp rice vinegar
2 eggs slightly beaten
2.5 cups Jasmine Brown Rice cooked and slightly cooled


In a large pan or wok heat the oil over medium high heat.  Toss in the carrot, broccoli,  onion, and garlic.  Stir for just a few minutes until the vegetables are tender crisp being careful not to burn the garlic.  Throw the chopped kale, soy sauce, and rice vinegar over the vegetables, turn heat down to medium and put on a lid to catch the steam.  Cook just a couple more minutes, stirring periodically, until the kale has wilted down a bit.

Push the vegetables to the side of the pan making a well in the middle.  Pour beaten eggs in the center and let cook until slightly set., 1 or 2 minutes.  Throw prepared rice on top of everything and stir gently to incorporate.  Adjust soy sauce and oil to taste.

Garnish and serve.

When we picnic:  I really did picnic with this and brought it along in a thermos with the garnishes already on.  For Fly Guy I will put cold in a jar and let him warm it up at his hotel.

By the way, has anyone read either of Gweneth Paltrow's books ?   I just reserved one at my library!
Air travel, car travel, down the street to the park travel. Healthy food to pack no matter how you picnic.

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