Hotel Friendly Popcorn

Sep 1, 2013

homemade microwave popcorn for travel snack 

I recently went to my kid's back to school night where teachers had placed cute little notes along with packages of microwavable popcorn on the desks.  "thanks for popping in" if I remember right.  But my kids knew they couldn't eat them due to being chocked full of lard and artificial flavors.  So I wrote "thanks for popping their bubble" on the backside and put it back on the desk.  Joking.  I graciously accepted.

No prob.  I now have my own microwavable popcorn.  It's cheaper, healthier, funner.  Funner when I start writing my own notes to Fly Guy for his overnight trips.  None of which I will be reprinting here...  Ahem.

Back to popcorn.  Oh you won't believe how easy.

homemade microwave popcorn - snacks for the hotel 

Are you ready?
Pen and paper handy?

Hotel Friendly Popcorn
  • Take a paper lunch bag and place 1/4 cup kernels in it.
  • Fold over the top twice about a 3/4 inch fold each time creasing it well
  • Place the bag on it's side and make sure it's not touching the sides of the microwave
  • Microwave for 2-3 minutes or until the popping slows to several second between pops.
  • Spend your free time writing witty messages and laughing at your own jokes
  • Not that I do that...
Air travel, car travel, down the street to the park travel. Healthy food to pack no matter how you picnic.

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